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GIGS ~ Upcoming : ( last updated : Thursday, 21 May, 2020 )

* Check it out: The Cannanes YouTube Channel ~ includes clips & handy links to live footage from shows in Australia, Japan, The U.K., The U.S.& Mexico!
We endeavour to put as many upcoming show details as we can here, however when we're on tour [or having computeer problems] we aren't always able to update this page so we suggest you check our FacebookPage for last minute changes + details of Live + Radio & TV appearances as they come to hand
Coming up: We are not able to schedule anything for a bit... (but you never know!) ~ but hopefully some shows by late 2020 but probably not till 2021 to launch a new album.. or two! ~ plenty of links to live footage over at our CannanesYouTubeChanel

We were terribly disappointed to have to cancel a planned show in Sydney on 10th April 2020 with the excellent Diät as well as planned shows in The UK later this year due to the dreaded PLAGUE OF 2020



Last gig for a while was:

Thursday 13th July 2017 ~ Melbourne / AU ~ with English long haulers The Wedding Present and Melbs lovely Last Leaves - details and tickets over at Bella Union ticket info here - more details over at the facebook event page here

Recent gigs:

Friday 9th June 2017 [SOLD OUT!] ~ Castlemaine / AU-VIC ~ we were most pleased to have been asked to play this show at the fabulous old Theatre Royal in the jewel in the crown of Central Victoria - Castlemaine! - with two truly special bands Total Control [wiki link here] doing a handfull of rare shows around the place at the moment ~ and equally fab Terry 8 Girls! [check them out here].


We very much enjoyed our last show; the one day only Wrapped up Festival, held on Saturday 1st April in Ballarat { VIC / Australia} - Our 1st ever show in Ballarat - and at a wonderful venue called The Eastern - And an absolutely stellar lineup - which included many of our favourite bands in the world! yes!! School Damage & The Ocean Party & The Shifters who some of you may recall we got to share a stage with in Castlemaine recently. ~ Oh and many thanks to James Donovan for asking us to play this one + Carolyn Hawkins from School Damage for the Rad poster! and here a link to the Facebook Event Page

poster by Carolyn Hawkins

As we move into our 32nd year! we hope to be able to make it to back to: Canada, England, Germany, Japan, Mexico, The Netherlands & Scotland - while we can!

And also hope to break new ground in: Austria, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Korea, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, Wales and anywhere else we have the means to visit ~ obviously touring like this will take some coordinating ~ we'd like to go sooner but we have at least three new albums to release first!

In recent years shows have seen some big crowds & good times had by all: check out our extensive history pages for tour diaries etc...

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