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Thanks for dropping by the Sir Hairs Homepage ( previously ) ~ I used to live in Canberra then Sydney and played with numerous bands (see below) now living in Bendigo [ Australia ] ~ as you can see SwopShop is now open for business ~ last updated: Tuesday, 19 January, 2016

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OK not much of a blog hey! ~ August-September 2015 Cannanes shows coming up in Melbourne, USA, & Germany details over at ~ and here is a bit of news that is way out of date ~ would just like to mention I will be playing the bass guitar as part of The Living Dead [band] in Van Park 'The Musical' ~ Melbourne March 15th & 16th 2013 - more details here



[ I gotta get rid of stuff so have decided to exchange some things I haven't got time/space for ~ everything is in reasonable nick unless otherwise stated ~ any questions just email me... ]

~ SIR HAIRS : Sir Swappe Shoppe ~ ( go on, make me an offer! )

ATV Dragon Love 12" LP

The Pooh Sticks The great white wonder CD

The Earthmen Figure 8 7"

De La Soul AOI Bionex CD
Synthesizer Greatest Vols.I or II CD
Girls against boys Park Avenue (promo) CD
Being There DVD or Videotape
The Particles Advanced Colouring 7" EP [ Guthugga Pipeline re-issue - Mint! ]
Zorba the Greek DVD or Videotape  
Wake in Fright DVD or Videotape  
Bottle of Tarkhun  
Canary yellow T-Shirt size 16 ~ Bonds, Hanes, Fruit of the loom or the like  
1 Pair of black or blue Stubbies to fit 87cm (I'm gonna get there again!)  
Fred Dagg: All Purpose DVD  



RÉSUMÉ ~ BANDS (an incomplete list)
Abbattoir 1978 Guitar/Vocals
Guthugga Pipeline 1978-1984 (follow link for more details) Guitar/BVs
Manic Rhythm 1980 Guitar/BVs
Sweet Young Things c1980 Guitar/BVs?
Grant Brothers 1980-1981 Drums/Guitar/Bass
Manic Pipeline (1981-82?) Guitar/BVs
Great Men Gather Together (1981?) Guitar
Human Salamanders (uncertain dates) Guitar/BVs
The Particles 1983-1985 (follow link for more details) Bass
The Lighthouse Keepers 1983-Now! (follow link for more details) Drums/Bass/Guitar/Saxophone/BVs
Ashtray Boy & his country cousin (1988-89) Drums
The Cannanes 1984-Today!! Various
Ashtray Boy (Various years 1989 -) Bass/Drums/Trumpet
ATV 1991 (U.S. shows + Punk Life album) Bass
Teapot 1992-93? Guitar/Bass/Vocals
Sleater-Kinney 1994 Drums
Flywheel 90s (Wrong Way 'Round The Buffet album + compilations) Guitar
Even As We Speak ( 2000 US tour ) Bass/Guitar
VIP 600 1999-2000 Trumpet
El Duende 2002-2005 (follow link for more details) Trumpet
Jamalia 2003-2005 Trumpet
The Living Dead [ aka 'The Band' in Van Park The Musical (2007? preview +March/April 2012 + 2013 Melbourne runs) Bass/BVs
also numerous one offs; guest spots; etc. with Crabstick, Blairmailer, J.F.K. and the Cuban Crisis, New Estate (2012), Pop Up Toasters, The Vacant Lot (2012) + no doubt more I can't recall ....


RÉSUMÉ ~ SESSION WORK (an incomplete list)
Blairmailer Home Of The Falcon CD+LP+Cass (Rel. 1993) Guitar/Trumpet
James Earthenware Less Beautiful? (2009/Unreleased?) Bass
Blairmailer Best of CD (Rel. 2012) Trumpet
New Estate Recovery CD LP 2011 (Rel . 2012) Trumpet
Anchor & The Butterfly 2013 Bass
The Safe Distance 'idiot cowboy' on Nail House Party CD+LP+Dig. (Rel. 2015) Bass
The Safe Distance [Various tracks] on The Safe Distance Do More Songs CD + Dig. (Rel. 2015) Bass
also sessions with Blairmailer, J.F.K. and the Cuban Crisis and others I can't recall off hand


RÉSUMÉ ~ RECORDING / PRODUCTION ETC. (an incomplete list)
1994 Design & Technology: Comparative Case Study: [VHS: Soundtrack] Eng/Produce
1994 Comparative Case Study: 2 Unit Design and Technology [VHS: Soundtrack] Eng/Produce
1997 Fine Line 7" Co ~ Eng/Produce
1998 Population Two 12" Vinyl EP Co ~ Eng/Produce
2000 Miserable/William 7" Eng/Produce
2000 Communicating at an Unknown Rate ~ CD + Vinyl Album Co ~ Eng/Produce
2000 Electro 2000 CD Co ~ Eng/Produce
2000 Felicity CD Co ~ Eng/Produce
2001 Crank it up CD Co ~ Eng/ Produce
2006 Remembrance of things past ~ Rock Opera CD Co ~ Engineered
2008 Grassy Flat ~ CD Engineered/Produced/Mastered
2009 Angels of Eaglehawk ~ Title theme [ Documentary DVD: Soundtrack ] Eng/Mix/Mastered
2011 Save the Goulburn Valley Community Legal Centre ~ Audio Restoration + Theme + Sound Design [ Online YouTube / twitvid Campaign: Sound Design ] Sound Design:
also numerous compilation projects  


RÉSUMÉ ~ SLEEVE / POSTER ART (no time to compile this at present)


WEBSITE WORK DONE Janitor, Some content, Layout Janitor, Content, Layout Janitor, Content, Layout Janitor, Content, Layout Janitor, Content, Layout
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Get To Know
Crabstick 12"LP ~ Crabstick
Laughing Clowns 12"EP ~ Laughing Clowns
The Love Song Of A. Wilbur Meshel LP ~ Billy Meshel
Piece of mind LP~ Roger Bunnt



HERB ROLL [ Came up with this one on 111208 as a top way to use up some aging Gruyere from a fondue party that never happened ]
( Note: Find whatever herbs you can in the garden ~ I'd suggest the French Tarragon & Gruyere combination is what makes this sandwich unique but oily Olives and other herbs are the icing on this cake! )

Take a fresh crusty roll ~ preferably warm.

Fill with thinly sliced Gruyere (you don't need much), Fresh: Chives or Spring Onions, Endives, French Tarragon, Sweet Marjoram, and Kalamata Olives (Pitted & chopped)

HOT ICE CREAM ROLL [ Came up with this one on 040409 as I had a stale bread roll that needed using and no garlic in the house ~ guess it works on a similar principle to deep fried ice-cream ] Heat stale roll in the oven ~ remove when crusty then cut in half and spread with a decent layer of Raspberry jam then vanilla ice cream ~ surprisingly tasty! [ NB use decent Raspberry jam ]



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