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An Extensive History of The Cannanes
Part 8 : 2003-05 : Including our 1st Tour of Japan! and beyond


We were overjoyed to see that our You Name It video was the first video for the year screened on Australian National TV programme RAGE at 11.25PM on Friday the 3rd of January 2003~ Naturally we cracked a bottle of Champers to celebrate the event!

rage playlist screenshot
RAGE continued the trend throughout January and showed the video every Friday night! Thanks rrrrrraaaaaaggggge!

We continue to celebrate the release of Trouble seemed so far away by playing heaps of shows through 2003 including many shows in Sydney, an East Coast 'tour' and our 1st tour of Japan!

Our first show of 2003 took place in the Church St Amphitheater in *Parramatta and was a fun event and perhaps the first time we have received applause from a constable! Thanks to the huge crowd who showed up (despite the rain) to our Warren View show at the end of Feb, it was a fun night and great to have Juliet Ward on the bill.

In February Rolling Stone (Australia) gave Trouble a a four star review! (funny to note they put us up there with The Pretenders, George Harrison, Elvis Costello and Missy Elliott).

21st of Feb we were back at the Warren View where there was yet another huge turnout.

On Sunday 16th March we played The Peace Picnic in Enmore Park with The Solidarity Choir! - this was a fundraiser for the Walk Against the War Coalition who recently organized Australias' largest ever peace rally. Just one of many suburban gatherings on the day, this one raised close to $2000 for the cause. Also in March we played The Sandringham Hotel in Sydney with our old mate Rob Snarski, funny to be back at the Sando since renovations and despite being 'unplugged' (due to the old noise meter) we managed a reasonably rocking set as well as some mellower acoustic moments.


Early April we did a surprise show at The Spanish Club which is a great little Sydney Venue ~ thanks to everyone who came along (despite the rain yet again) and made the night such an enjoyable one + short notice sound engineer Rory for doing such a great job. Saturday the 19th April we were back at The Warren View where we managed three surprisingly excellent sets (our 1st ever 3 set performance - except for that time in Adelaide when we played the same set three times!), We were glad to have James Dutton up from Melb to help us out on Guitar, Vocals & Cowbell + Allison Jones from Catapult and Daniel Morphett from El Duende (and the much missed Craven Fops) up for guest spots + Despite the stormy night (third show in a row) a huge crowd turned up again + much dancing and merriment was had by all, thanks you lot + thanks to the dancers agani + thanks to Libby for the Rumballs!

Sat 3rd May we played a rugged but occasionally beautiful & sometimes silly show at The Alliance Tavern in Brisbane and on Sunday 4th May we had a fantastic time (+ managed to pull off 3 x 45 minute sets (another milestone! at The Great Northern Hotel in Byron Bay!) - huge thanks to an excellent mixer in Angel Red + Neil & Rom who got us there + yet again the dancers!

21st of May we were invited by DJ Robbie Buck to do a 20 minute 'live to air' on National radio station triple j; which was broadcast the following night.

Friday 23rd of May we were back at The Warren with our mate Matt Toohey in support, as with previous shows at this venue a fine time was had by all and we can't wait for the next one.

Sunday 6th of July we were back in Brisbane to play a most enjoyable show at Rics bar with local Brisbanites The Golden Circles who were a treat the world should watch out for, and experimental demons The Hi God People who never disappoint ~ The Cannanes lineup for this show included Greg Wadley on Drums & keyboards / James Dutton on Guitar & Bass + Fran & Stephen doing what they usually do ~great venue and huge Sunday night crowd - thanks to an excellent crowd and as seems to be the current trend - all the dancers!

Friday 18th July we were back to our usual lineup, back in Sydney and back at The Warren View ~ playing to a pretty much full house! ~ the turnout surprised even us and breaking the guarantee and getting paid a bonus is always handy. Our special guests A Gold Star Secret were in fine form in new two piece mode, thanks as always to the guests, the dancers, and the girl who loudly proclaimed us as the best band she'd ever seen!

Then the University of NSW Expo(6th Sept) here in Sydney, a fun day out where we had the opportunity to view the artwork To absent friends which is also the worlds largest hologram ! as well as watch robot dogs play soccer and many other informative activities.

Followed by another good rockin 3 sets at The Warren View (on Fri 12th Sept).

The Friday before Japan we did a short notice Live to Air (15th Sept) on excellent new [at the time] Sydney radio station FBI 94.5FM ~ huge thanks to the wonderful Simon Aveling for asking us on his show.


In September of 2003 we embarked on our most extensive Japanese tour to date. The tour was arranged by our good friend Shintaro Kiyonari of Smiley and Momorien fame who we sincerely thank for what at least two of the band have described as "the best 10 days of my life"
~ We were driven most places by Keiho Hattori (which as anyone who has driven in Tokyo or thereabouts would know is an excruciating and sometimes dangerous task which should only be approached with much planning and a cool attitude). We hope to thank Keiho properly one of these days.

The band consisted of Bon, Fran, Jim, Penny & Stephen + Shintaro and Guy who joined us each night on guitars, keyboard and vocals. Herewith the collected tour diary ~ most entries were made by Bon, Fran, Jim, Penny & Shintaro (+ some from Guy and one from Kenji who organized our 1st tour to Japan). The whole thing was strung together later by everyone. Much video + many photographs were taken as well as recordings of shows etc... over time we hope to tweak this so it makes a bit more sense + add more video + sound + get a few more photos up here ~ in the meantime read on .... [but don't forget to come back later].
DAY 1 ~ WEDNESDAY 17TH ~ GETTING THERE [Fran] too much work... too much rushing around and last minute organizing but finally we are at the airport buying numerous packets of caramello koalas + Tim Tams + beers. Phil and Wardy escort us to the point of no return.......... We sail through to the Departure Lounge where I buy overpriced bottles of water and Penny makes friends with Yoshi from Yokohama who is studying engineering and has spent 2 weeks in Newcastle (which must have been rather odd)...then onto the plane - I sit in the middle row + pretend I am not on a plane _ we get vegetarian snacks and bloody Marys and wine and proceed to watch Finding Nemo (OK) and I watch a series of bits of rock videos - the Doors -v. annoying and then Hairy tells me I should learn from Jim Morrison's microphone technique... Considering the racket the band is making I find it hard to concentrate on microphone technique and have to switch channels to Rod Stewart singing Sailing which is satisfactory in a ridiculous sort of way,..Roger Waters doing Money which has the most absurd guitar solo at the end. This is all from Glastonbury 2002. Watching it I am very glad I was not there. I am also extremely fascinated by a "documentary" about Mariah Carey travelling the world. She comes across as extremely self satisfied - and pretends that she gets on extremely well with her travelling companions ie cook, stylist etc who really obviously are simply slaves and her fans who seem rather inane
DAY 2 ~ THURSDAY 18TH 6:05am we get to Narita (Tokyo airport) - it is hot.., we are tired but excited - get through customs etc. no problems. This is a relief and then onto the JR train to Shinjuku - meet Shintaro Kiyonari then set off for a day of sight seeing where we manage 3 shrines, 1 lunch of tempura / udon noodles/great 1 sushi dinner (SUPERB) green tea icecream (yummo!- Penny).
We look at some shops near the venue where we are playing tomorrow night. Bon has bought a hat and is beginning to look like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle or something - he is threatening to grow a goatee.
[Penny] the grooviest bar ever, sitting listening to Junior Kimbra + RL Burnside with drowsy eyes watching the hairdresser opposite, listening to school girl/boy stories.....
Shintaro at the Shrine ~
Click picture to play accidental mpg
DAY 2 (from Japanese point of view - [Shintaro]) Around 8 o'clock, there was a call on the phone from Stephen, saying cannanes arrived Narita airport safely. Yar! I could meet with all of them at Shinjuku platform. They looked quite funky, for example Fran was wearing blue Satin shirt with black skirt. It was quite like rock'n'roll band just arrived at messy Tokyo. After putting their baggage at my place, we ate udon, then walk, temple, walk and walk, cafe, then walk, Shibuya walked more.

[Fran] Kenji and Chisa have made us so welcome and we had a very comfy stay in their flat ..considering they were about to get married it was extremely good of them to put us the show there is a lot of dithering around about Scout Niblett's { Scout is playing with us on 4 shows of the tour. She is from Nottingham and plays solo either drums or guitar. Unexpectedly we all grow rather fond of Scout in the short time we have together } arrival - someone claimed to have seen her - someone said she's still on the Narita Express - will she arrive on time? Apparently someone got the flight date wrong... She was meant to arrive the day before ......Scout arrives - and strangely enough looks fine- she says...'the worst thing is I couldn't have a fag for 20 hours' I am impressed. Scouts boyfriend Dave has a Tshirt that says COCKS- He says he wants some pot. Jim's ears prick up and he says if you get some...! Jim is hangin' out!
DAY 3 ~ FRIDAY19TH ~ SHOWBOAT {you used to be able to VIEW VIDEO of this show - sorry the link is broken - will try and find the footage and fix one day...}
[Kenji] Shintaro translated lyrics of "Anthem" to Japanese and read it backed by Stephen + his rhythm section for closing the first gig of whole tour. It amazed me and all the crowd even some were shouting like a mass hysterics, - not too bad. On my opinion ' Hopeless' w/ horn was highlight. I met Tim Headbone, the organizer of the last Cannanes tour, for the first time since 4-5 years. Him, Shintaro, Guy, Koichro (from the band called "Apartment Star") also 15 years old Masako jumped in the band and share a happy hour on stage w/ the band. Stephan seems to enjoy a glass of "Kabos liquer" made of Japanese fruit kabos - Taste like young lemon 5 minutes before go to bed. Me + Chisa felt lucky for not much crows broke their sleep.
Andersens @ Showboat

[Fran] The show goes incredibly well.. Masako ( our 15 year old penpal ) comes up on stage to play the egg. We sign lots of autographs-lots of friends turn up. A dream evening. The Games were rockin.. and the Andersens were perfection - reminded me of Motown and Smokey and there can be no higher praise - spookily similar instrumentation to us...

origami card
Beautiful Origami adorned card sent to us by Masako Enomoto [of Tokyo]
after the tour ~ Each crane bears a band members name
[Bon] SCOUT NIBLETT; Penny remarks that the wig makes her look like Kylie Mole. She's wearing a school dress too. Must take a compare/contrast photo for the internet. POST SHOW - Lots of fanatics, photonatics. How to sign CDS? Why doesn't this happen at the Warren View? {A Pub in Sydney we have been playing at a lot lately - quite good cause it's free to get in and they pay us well (not to mention the rider!)}.
And then the trip home to Guys place. 4 trains and one hour to cover a 15minute bus ride. Last train on a friday was packed to the gills. Very civilized pushing and shoving. And at the station, lots of drunk Japanese quietly vomiting up their excess and stumbling to a vending machine for some ion replacement. * note - stations are 5 degrees hotter than outside.
[Guy] I studied very hard to learn five Cannanes classics on guitar only to realize on the day of the first Tokyo show that I'd be playing Keyboards instead! Of course this didn't pose any problem for me in terms of technical ability but it was a little irritating. Nevertheless I soldiered on and I think my performance speaks for itself. The Cannanes have become an amazing, turn on a 10 cent piece style tight-as live band, and they put on a wonderful show. It was a great night and a very cute boy with an afro asked me to sign his CD, which I didn't. After the show we split up to our respective places of residence. Jim and Penny are staying with Shintaro near the venue so go out on the town.....
[Penny] Then to the Okinawa bar! waiters dressed in traditional (gorgeous) costumes & having bowing thanks to the trumpet!. Talking drinking eating Japanese style, & so more talking drinking eating - 30 grams of ETOh , the best sake in the bar. More drinking more talking more eating till the final stagger home round the beautiful quiet streets to see Shintaro playing banjo in a punk band on video - very cool!
[Jim] After the show, Shintaro takes Penny and I to a restaurant / bar where we drink strong saki (30% alcohol). We get the giggles about how great Tokyo is.
*DAY 4 ~ SATURDAY 20TH ~ OFF TO THE ONSEN [Fran] a small feast prepared for breakfast by Chisa and then Shintaro picks us up in the tour mobile - a large van - The car has GPS which tells you where you are and the best route to get to your destination, very impressive . Shintaro has picked up the box sent from Sydney which has been missing with fridge magnets + CD's - Now we can stop worrying about anything... Usually on tour it is non stop worry and organization so this is an unusual and pleasant feeling. Chisa is looking at her mobile phone - there is a typhoon coming she says calmly. She and Kenji have a short debate about the word storm vs typhoon. She shows us a picture of the typhoon on the weather map on her phone. We are driving to pick up Penny & Jim. Penny and Jim have apparently just been in an earthquake [ Jim: The earthquake was exciting, it was my first time. We are now driving to the mountains for a hot spa; Ain't life grand sometimes.] - it is a very minor one and we did not feel it as we have been in the car- Kenji tells us these happen every month. He says we are well overdue for a big one !
This was our first encounter with driving and Tokyo traffic! Ridiculous-took about 2 hours to get equivalent of Erskineville to Glebe (about 4K ed.) to pick up Bon. Still I was as happy as Larry and had an interesting trip up to hot mineral baths in the mountains. We entertained ourselves with the GPS system in the car which works by putting in the phone number and then it just produces maps which tell you where to go. Excellent except as is usual with all new products it comes with an instruction manual the size of the Encyclopedia Brittanica. As it was all in Japanese I felt powerless to assist and anyway Keiho and Shintaro had everything well under control so was able just to enjoy the delightful company of my band mates and the scenery.
View from Bongo FRIENDEE ~ rainy mountain road
Had a few being scared of driving panic attacks on rainy mountain roads but Keiho is an excellent driver and politely put up with my demands that he go slower without telling me to fuck off which considering the traffic he had had to deal with would have been quite reasonable under the circumstances.
The baths were perfection and Penny and I had the womens one to ourselves so we undressed and floated around and talked about everything and eventually got out only to find the lads all upstairs politely waiting. I think they had been there for some time. The baths were glorious and I can't wait to go back there again.

[Penny] And still driving through rain, being guided by a GPS satellite thingy - I'm unsure if this is reassuring or not. The rain is progressively getting heavier. We've had the earthquake, I confess to only feeling excitement, like the ultimate rollercoaster ride, these two days have been like the joys of reaching the top of the big dipper - bring on the typhoon I say ! onto the onsen (hot spring baths) more rollercoastering through mountainous corners, Fran & I alternately freaking out and shutting eyes and pretending to deep breath and relax with the odd car/bus/dream/horror/crash story throughout. The Japanese bath house with the setting sun, will rise in gloom through the relentless rain to strip with Fran and shower squatting, then bath in a very hot water with rain pouring down, relaxing and floating - pure heaven.
[Bon] Mountain drive was amazing - very steep and curly but trees very tall and straight. Missed the smell of Australian forests but wild mountain streams looked drinkable. Super secret Hitou? Beer tasted drinkable. Onsen was great. Relaxing, cleansing and would have liked to eat + stay o/night but we drove back to Tokyo and ate Southern porky food at the Ringer Hut.
[Jim] The steam bath was lovely, relaxing. Back to Shintaro's where he shows us five songs from the Showboat show on the Clover records website, Penny looks sexy and the 15 year old fan is having a ball on stage during " This is what it sounds like". Sight and sound quality are good and these computers are a new-fangled thingy, aren't they.
a CUBE in Tokyo
[Bon] The name of our car is Bongo FRIENDEE - It's good, and piloted well by Kool Kalm Keiho but it's no CUBE. [a very square Japanese Toyota car. ed.] Fran we should pool our resources and export one to Australia. I am looking for a model version. We're driving through the typhoon right now. Rain is very heavy and we just passed a crushed, crashed Porsche Boxster. Fran's fear of speed is seeming very rational right now.
[Jim] Talk of typhoons seem exaggerated, just a bit of rain, is all.
Fran backstage ~ Club Daughter
DAY 5 ~ SUNDAY 21ST ~ THE ROAD TO NAGOYA [Fran] - woken up early by Kenji and Chisa who [again] made us a delicious breakfast of corn on the cob + jaffles! - then Kenji took us to Namira station where he waited till the bus left... waving goodbye. We are driving through rain/ typhoon Stopped at a highway stop which had fresh fruit/vegetables brought in by local farmers + taoro chips with cinnamon sugar on them - Hairy got an implement for massaging your back shaped like a tomato. Bon has written the set list for tonight and put no songs he sings on it. There are 6 bands - could all be a bit overwhelming - there has been a lot a talk of earthquakes, typhoons + volcanos but we remain optimistic. Kenji's house is 5 floors up and he kept saying if there is an earthquake we have no hope of survival ! When we came back yesterday a number of his CD's were sticking out of the shelf + on the floor because of the quake. He says he is getting obsessed about it and wants to move to the country. This seems sensible to me. There is talk of eel hamburgers for lunch but I don't know about that.
[Penny] 12.00pm - the typhoon definitely pours down - relentless & encompassing ...Go the earthquakes & typhoons!
[Fran] 2.15pm 21.9.03 There was an eel hamburger. Bon had eel on spaghetti for lunch. The standard of highway food is considerably better than in Australia. It is raining harder. We just spent 20,000 Yen on a card for tolls ($262) Those whingers about Harbour Bridge toll should come here. 3.07pm We have arrived in Nagoya so far it looks like Brisbane. Guy tells us he has been compared to a young Austin Powers, Col Sanders, Harry Potter and Bill Gates since he has been in Japan We have a good time at the show-don't play as well as we did first show mainly due to sound issues which is a bit depressing but other bands are good, venue is fun and after the show!!! We all go with other bands to a restaurant karaoke which is crazy and we all go a bit crazy and it is very very funny Scout and I sing Hotel California-we sing Angie and God knows what else - Keiho does a great song and the japanese songs are the best. Penny + I do a rather Good version of Get This party started but then of course we are specialists at this one - Ms Niblett + Cocksy eat nothing as she is allergic to nuts + he to fish. They do not drink alcohol.
Click PICTURE for rock'n'roll tragics mpg
(Sorry probably won't work on iPads)

This is unusual for a Nottingham lass. Jim strokes her hair. Poor Scout; At Club Daughter: Nagoya - we meet a person called Daniel from Perth when he was last seen he was sprawling on the pavement outside the club rather inebriated - those Australians!, met a Radio Birdman fan who was talking about The Last Words - I think we were going to send this but something has obscured my memory at this point Dave tells me how he heard Scouts music and was electrified then 2 years later met her on a tour - by the end of the first week they were holding hands - the rest is history now they have packed up their belongings + are of no fixed address they spend their life touring in various bands. He comes from Dayton Ohio. I say isn't Suzi Quatro from there? He says no you are thinking of the Deal sisters.
[Bon] Shithouse show - great time at Karaoke. The wit hits Japan. The finger hits the G-spot. Guy is the social lube? Fran gets the nibbler to sing hotel California Jim took Scouts wig off, Keiho sang. Guy dipped his hair in the soysauce. Funky Monkey, Baby. Penny gives great Pink Lemon Tea.
[Fran] After Nagoya we stay in the super hotel - Stephen and I get a room to ourselves somehow even (nobly) after offering to take Jim in upstairs bunk. He refuses as it turns out as he wants to drink more with Penny and Bon.
[Bon] Not much sleep after much alcohol. It frustrated Jim immensely who spent the night lashing out to grab my ass and muttering saucy profanities with a spasmodic regularity resembling tourettes syndrome. Jim is now compiling a list of people to apologize to.
[Jim] I'm terribly sorry. Really. Well... maybe not really. Scout should loosen up and Bon has a nice ass so what the fuck. Fran is probably contemplating giving up drinking for the 800th time, but the urge to vomit and punch Daddy Hairs is only natural. G-Spot hunter were tremendous and didn't seem to mind me flirting with them. Understandable since I was the funniest sexiest, best singer in the world last night!
[Penny] Hmmm Nagoya was yea all right... Bons lost his voice from singing too much Led Zeppelin - coool baby coool.
G-Spothunter @ Club Daughter

[Shintaro] Nagoya I think finally I could experienced the groovy side of this city. Club Daughter was pretty neat'n'funny place, and G-Spots people! unbelievably cool band. Then. very very nagoya-like pub with karaoke machine. I'm sure there'll be no chance to see Fran & Scout duet "Hotel California" again! Then, slept with Guy in a bed, then headache but, now I'm feelin' Ok.
[Guy] Shinataro is a very aggressive sleeper, I think he normally sleeps on the left side of the bed at home, and last night I went to sleep on the left side while he was having a shower. So I spent the night trying to stop him from pushing me out of the bed. The double bed only had one pillow, but it was as wide as two pillows. I loved the G-Spot Hunters, they were amazing, and cool people too. I wonder what they thought of us? Maybe it's best that we don't know. It was fun singing karaoke. I think I turned into a bit of a mic hog. And I danced on a table.
[Penny] Karaoke: Guy dancing, Bon grabbing the mike, Jim careering into the entrance and G-spotters, Shintaro being inscrutable & the G Spot guitarist kindly lending me her slippers for me to save face - but I do love Hotel California !! Fran wins my singer of the evening award!
[Bon] Driving through the ancient capital of Japan where there are 1500 y.o. burial mounds. A beautiful place surrounded by green, grey and blue mountains. I went for a walk in Nagoya and saw a band playing in a plaza to an apathetic public. Also saw 2 Japanese cowboys walkin' tall. Walked through the ritzy area then took a turn and there were dodgy people sitting on street corners. Two guys followed me for blocks and i thought maybe they wanted to sell me drugs. Unfortunately they didn't.
DAY 6 ~ MONDAY 22ND ~ ON TO OSAKA [Fran] On Monday Stephen and I visited the Osaka Aquarium which is possibly (probably) the best in the world - It was extraordinary - weird and wonderful fish, jelly fish, mammals - I will go back there again. Keiho came with us and seemed to like it - He said he could watch the sea otters all day. They were pretty cute even I must admit - The ocean sun fish was huge and spooky and sad and I could not take my eyes off it. We then played at Namba Bears which was very very quiet - Other bands Momorien and She Brings the Rainbow were impressive. Why do Japanese bands seem more interesting than Sydney ones????- Perhaps they are not so influenced by fashion as just about every Sydney band is copying some trend from overseas and when you travel a lot as we have in recent years you do feel like you've seen or heard it all before somewhere and usually a few years before... As usual had lovely food for dinner.
Penny near Osaka aquarium

[Penny] OSAKA - the venue where the band room was larger than the room to play in, & the bar lights were down - quite a mystery to find a beer (let alone saki...poor Jim!) The audience quietly sitting on the grungy floor listening to every note. Even during Scout Niblett's show the sounds of Guy's wee could be heard from the one toilet.
[Jim] Everywhere in Osaka is Tigers crazy due to the big baseball win. Momentos at every shop near the aquarium. keyrings, shirts, everything!


"There is a lot to learn and we are failing dismally"

[Fran] Woke up in a large room with the tatami mats - 5 of us in a room. John Coltrane LP Blue Train up on a shelf. The cover looks like night vision through the video camera. We get up - and Momoko arrives with delicious pastries + drinks. Then we head up for what we think is a quick look at the shrine Momokos husband Hiro Yuki? is a priest (?) at the Shinto shrine. We take a look around and suddenly we are ushered to sit down in the shrine Hiro Yuki appears dressed in robes - green with a black sort of nut shaped helmet and conducts a ceremony to ensure that we travel safely. Stephen and I are asked to sit in the front as we are leaders. We are given branches to place on a table. It is all overwhelming and I am scared we will do something wrong. After the ceremony we line up to be given small bowls of sacred sake and then make our way outside. When we get back in the car Penny Hairy + I are crying a bit. It is all sort of spooky and everyone is so generous. We are very lucky. We drive to Kyoto stopping at the temple. Temples - Buddhism /Shrines Shinto. There is a lot to learn and we are failing dismally. There is a Local god and a National god who is is the sun, There is a god of study who keeps a cow.
[Guy] It was a cool show. Momorien were great. We stayed at Momoko & Hiroynkis' beautiful house, where they had set up futons, blankets, snacks & drinks for all of us. Momoko's husband the Shinto priest was very handsome. Hiro performed a special ceremony at the temple to bless our journey, but Stephen was worried we had secretly arranged to have Hiro marry him and Fran. It was great to see my friend Nathalie for the first time in years, and meet her cool Harley riding boyfriend. Unfortunately we couldn't go and drink at the bar of a big Cannanes fan, called Ganja. It was a good day in all in all.
[Fran] Kyoto is all mysterious lanes and restaurants that back onto the river - saw a geisha girl all painted up scurrying into a building on shoes that looked very had to walk in - soundcheck a bit stressful - crankiness setting in. It never takes long- I thought with a short tour we might be safe but no luck - everyone always wants to do their own thing RIGHT NOW! without considering the difficulty of being in a group-... anyway at least we are used to it!... We had noodles with Shintaro and Keiho and then Hairy and I went to Gozo guesthouse which was great and very well priced - run by people who had been to Australia & lived there. Fabulous N16, spooky Night Teller and Hairy gets an Unknown CD. OK show for us - gave out Caramello Koalas and CD's... we all sounded a bit lifeless but some good moments - playing Get this Party started - the long suffering Scout gets up again. As usual all is filmed and will no doubt come back to haunt us at a later date.????????
Farewell to Scout (far right) + N-16 and crew ~ Kyoto
Keiho and Shintaro share a quiet moment
[Bon] Kyoto was excellent. Lots of interesting little lanes like Tokyo but somewhat cleaner, less claustropic. Went and ate in an Ekanomi Yaki joint which was just amazing. The heat from the hot plate made the sake go straight to our heads. Went back to the venue and saw Unknown who were a bit average in execution but good idea. Saw Night Teller (gut that organizes 'Sunday Tuning') and he wore a wig - just like Scout - and played mostly covers ridiculously quietly. Scout played and we managed to coax another encore out of her. She played the 'We woke up late and walked into town' song which makes me want to cry. Tried to buy it but she is yet to record it. I went for a walk and noticed lots of long-legged prostitutes and host boys.
Hugo Weaving grafitto ~ veg cafe Kyoto
Not to mention piles of vomit and spruikers which all added up to a Kings X (famous Australian seedy area ed.) kind of feel - but exotic. We played alright but our sound on stage wasn't good. Got a free Scout postcard. We went out to a vegetarian cafe afterwards and wrote our name on the wall. Food was great and organic. We get the impression that COCKS and the Nibbler are fighting and although he was initially the more sociable, our hearts have warmed to Scout. Stayed in an excellent traditional guest house. Paper door/walls, bamboo mats, open bathroom. Counted the rings in the wood on the toilet door - from trees at least 150 y.o. Want to come back and stay a week and see the moss garden.
[ed.] We play Kyoto on Tuesday and head back to Tokyo on Wednesday getting there in the evening. The band is staying at the Prince Hotel in Ikebukuro. Thursday we potter around on various excursions, Friday do a radio interview and live to air and play at 2000Volts then go out on the town and Saturday get ready to go and have lunch with Kenji, Chisa, Keiho, Shintaro and others. The following disjointed ramblings are all that we can find in the tour diary.
photo of woffy
Woffy takes the wheel
DAY 8 ~ WEDNESDAY 23RD ~ HOMEWARD BOUND [Bon] After a long day driving on Wednesday, we got into Tokyo reasonably frazzled and a little behind schedule. Keiho's response? He wanted to buy us! dinner! We politely declined, found the hotel on our own and went looking for Japanese food. Ended up in a Chinese restaurant run by a Korean and a Japanese person. They were very nice hosts and had their picture taken with us! After dinner we travelled through a couple of western themed bars. First one supposedly Jazz/Blues themed but music was tragic 80's rock and power ballads. We had only one drink before finding a rockabilly themed bar run by a nice man with a quiff who explained and served different kinds of Sho-ju- potato based and malt based. Yum! Yes, drunk once again and staying up till all hours though not as late as Penny & Jim. Bon Got up around 12 or 1 on Thurs and headed out to Ueno with Penny. We were quite proud to have looked after ourselves and gotten by on 2 words of Japanese. Markets were amazing with all kinds of live and dead fish on display and all manner of products. Thought I'd have a non-drinking day but found myself at an excellent Sushi restaurant with a jug of beer in front of me. Managed to taste whale meat which offended most and didn't particularly impress me. Proceeded onto Sake and 12y.o. Suntory whiskey at a bar with Shintaro, Masuto from Clover records and Kenji. Keiho was also at the sushi restaurant but went home early, mortified after spilling a jug of beer on his pants.

[Fran] Yeah Keiho spilling the beer which didn't matter at all but his socks were soaked. I think there is a lot of detail missing from all this account but it's hard to go back and retrace our steps now.
At this moment I am sitting on the plane back to Sydney. The stewards have taken a dislike to Hairy. Our theory is because he is missing a button on his shirt. By osmosis or whatever - they aren't too pleased with me. This is odd considering we have done nothing but sit in our seats and behave totally normally.
Anyway it is rather annoying to be treated as a drunkard when I have just come through last night (Friday night where all band members played and after show went partying on at various venues) where I was sober as a judge and was responsible for getting everyone home though (she says sulkily)"I am sure no one will acknowledge it". Well I am sure no one will acknowledge it as no one appears to remember anything apart from me. There must have been something in the sake. Well... I remember everything - there were some pretty funny bits but a lot was sort of annoying but no doubt that was just a function of being sober with a lot of drunken people which is never a good idea.
So... what happened was...on Thursday we woke up - went into Shibuya with Bon and Hairy to meet Shintaro. I really wanted a coffee but was too pathetic to ask at the shop - this was hopeless as it turned out as the menu was in English and they of course spoke English but I was feeling rather weak after previous nights psychological trauma (see whale incident below ) so couldn't do it. Anyway Hairy got coffees. Shintaro was late and then we saw him running loaded down by guitars etc. He said his alarm- (read mobile phone) had gone off but he had pushed it and gone back to sleep. So we run... walk fast whatever up and around some sort of shopping centre style affair into Shibuya FM open the door - walk in and we are greeted by some (radio station) bloke. Shintaro looks at us and says " You will play now?" Stephen hasn't even opened the guitar case to see what type of guitar it is - I don't know what song we are singing etc. etc. so I say something along the lines of "No!" - and then everyone is quiet for a second and he says 'OK in 5 minutes' Blimey I think to myself, I can see Hairy is panicking but we are ushered into the studio where Tomoaki and Asako are- a rather interesting and intelligent interview (I am talking about the questions not the answers) and we play You Name It - which doesn't sound too bad - maybe even OK - which is odd as I am singing staring out a huge plate glass window onto a shopping mall where everyone is marching past completely oblivious to me and our sad little song - Tokyo is so jam packed with amazing sights, that I am sure a silly anglo woman singing into a microphone out into the street is nothing to write home about but for me it is quite disconcerting. I can however see it would be a great place to work!

The radio people are courteous as usual and are given a pack of Tim Tams for their trouble. They will think we are nutcases always pulling out a packet of biscuits at every opportunity and pretending they are gifts. Oh well we are trying in a hopeless sort of way and it is the guidebooks fault which suggested chocolates would be acceptable though of course now we can see there is chocolate everywhere! Including the glorious FRANS. Everyone must think we are sad characters for constantly thrusting chocolate biscuits at them. So... after this Bon pops off for some wandering... and Hairy and I go and have a Sushi train experience with Shintaro including sea urchin and then Shintaro escapes (very politely!) and we go to find the National Museum of Photography. We get a bit lost at Ebisu Station (so what's new!) but eventually find it with enough time to spare.

There is a great projection of a photo of some part of the city when you step on it there was a painting of how things used to be. Then suddenly there were footprints of animal and an animal would run across in projection. Anyway it was all very weird. I get a good present for Michelle Cannane and vow to come back to this area which has all kind of interesting looking buildings. (the seatbelt sign in the aircraft has gone on which means trouble -... well it was trouble and though no one will agree with me felt like yet another near death experience - at one point I thought miserably to myself I shall never be able to go to Japan again as I can't bear to get on another flight!)

Anyway!.... blah blah .... blah - off to soundcheck ... 20000 Volts quite a punk sort of place and sort of 3 flights of steps down ([Penny] with a venue above! YIKES - so fucking scary!) (Hairy is tapping me on the shoulder and trying to make me accost the flight attendant to get another drink. May not have such a a biased view as others in the flight crew).

DAY 10 ~ FRIDAY 26TH ~ 20000 VOLT {you can also VIEW VIDEO of this show}
The soundcheck (aka rehearsal as they seem to be called in Japan and indeed each band seems to just play through 3-4 songs - make no demands and then in a sort of organized fashion get off) ... the soundcheck is OK - not enough vocals but better than The Hoey ... then we all mill around as usual for a while. It is very difficult getting 8 people to be able to move as one - and eventually Stephen stays in band room with plans to ring Tim/Ivor/Yasu/etc. etc. while Penny/Jim / Bon / Guy go to have noodles. I go with Shintaro to have coffee and to do interview but this doesn't happen. I think he must be exhausted and sick to death of the lot of us but he doesn't show it. I wonder if he would ever tell the truth. I am such a blurter it is hard to envisage being a person who does not just say everything they think but I am sure it is a good role model as saying everything you think really just leads to trouble as in the whale business.

(On Thursday night Fran and Bon have what verges on being a serious argument about eating whale meat. Frances cries in a pathetic girly sort of way and wants to go home).

[Penny] - oh boy we're going 750kms/hour and climbing ~ but we've have already been 6000km/hour in the fastest lift in TOKYO- Ahhh - last night - a rock dungeon - 2 floors under ground in GROOVY Koenji - but rather frightening having another venue above us! Slept through an earthquake on the 36th floor of the Prince Hotel - spent much more time worrying about earthquakes and 36 floors than proved necessary as the big pole in the middle of the building did it's job remarkably well ~ ah TOKYO - 18 million people are not wrong! The bands last night were so loud the bass vibration felt like it was going to crack my sternum - but a sitar player and drummer were fairly special. And so onto the predictable Sho-ju and food festival and another dawn over Tokyo. So 20000 Volts - first band were cont - quite hypnotic sitar and drums - very impressive then Space Debris? Kung Fu man - a lot of talking - quite the jokesters - bit of slapstick but a bit hard to understand if you don't speak Japanese then us - out of place but OK - got a few people up + some good dancing then fluid - v. loud .
[Bon] Fluid were very tight rhythmic patterns with chunka chunka guitars and a sexy girl who accused me of being drunk. Got a CD.
[Fran] then Groundcover who I thought were rather magical - complete noise - excellent bass playing - I went right to the front - took off my glasses and it was like a plane taking off with singing in the clouds. I would really like to sing a song with that band - entrancing and heavenly and I was completely sober - more to come??? - better turn the light off as no doubt is annoying.
DAY 11 ~ SATURDAY 27TH ~ LEAVING TOKYO Cutting it a bit too fine !
DAY 12 ~ SUNDAY 28TH ~ HOME BUT NOT YET HOSED ! We arrive home Sunday morning to find we are headlining a show at The Annandale the same evening !
Fri 19th
Sept 03
SHOWBOAT ~ Tokyo - Koenji / Japan ~
with Scout Niblett + Andersens + The Games + DJ Kenji Sekioka (Rover Records) [DOORS OPEN 18:30 Start 19:00 adv / 2,500YEN door / 2,800YEN]
tickets available at: Shibuya - some of us, Shinjuku - VINYL PT.2, Koenji - LINUS RECORDS, SHOWBOAT ]
Sun 21st
Sept 03
CLUB DAUGHTER ~ Nagoya - Sakae / Japan ~
with Scout Niblett, Space Debri, G-Spot Hunter [DOORS OPEN 18:30 Start 19:00 adv / 2,000YEN (with 1 drink) door / 2,000YEN (+ drink order)
tickets available at: Osu-FILE-UNDER, Sakae - CLUB DAUGHTER
Mon 22nd
Sept 03
BEARS ~ Osaka - Namba / Japan ~
with Scout Niblett, She Brings The Rainbow, momorien [DOORS OPEN 18:30 Start 19:00 adv / 2,000YEN door / 2,500YEN]
tickets available at: Namba - BEARS
Tues 23rd
Sept 03
EAST ~ Kyoto -Kiyamachi / Japan ~
<Sunday Tuning presents " SUNDAY FUN"> with Scout Niblett, N-16, Night Teller, UNKNOWN [DOORS OPEN 18:00 Start 18:30 adv / 2,000YEN door / 2,500YEN]
tickets available at: Kyoto - ART ROCK NO.1, Osaka - SYFT RECORDS
Thur 25th
Sept 03
Shibuya FM / Tokyo ~ live to air
Fri 26th
Sept 03
20000VOLT ~ Tokyo -Koenji / Japan ~
<conti & groundcover presents 20000 light years>
+ groundcover, conti, Fluid, Space Kung Fu Man [DOORS OPEN 18:00 Start 18:30 adv / 2,000YEN door / 2,200YEN]
tickets available at: Shibuya-some of us, Shinjuku-VINYL PT.2, Koenji - LINUS RECORDS, 20000VOLT


We got back from Japan on the 28th of Sept '03 and played that very night at the Annandale Hotel here in Sydney ~ whew what a tour ~ two members of the band have described it as the best 10 days of their lives! ~ massive thanks to Shintaro for getting us there ~ and it all went so well looks like we'll be back there in 2005 [ended up being 2006 - ed.].

Sunday 18th Oct we played the Back to Redfern Festival in Redfern Park (Sydney), a bit more of a "Big Day Out" with many local and Indigenous artist performing on the day, we got to close proceedings after The Stiff Gins and Christine Anu had done their thing and despite the rain managed to get quite a large portion of the crowd dancing! ~ thanks to Mayor Tony Pooley, the excellent stage crew and all involved in the organizing.

Thanks to the huge crowd that turned up to our fridge magnet launch at The Warren View on 24th October '03 ~ the publican told us it was the largest he'd seen there!

At last ! ~ Cannanes fridge magnets ~ Also new photos taken by Sydney rock-photographer the legendary TONY MOTT now in Press Kit Photos

SUN 2nd of Nov '03 we played a fundraiser for Laurel Tree House Child Care Centre in Glebe [Sydney]. Much money was raised and a fine day was had by all and we may even get some shots of the day up here one day ~ in the mean time keep an eye out for the current issue of childcare magazine The Rattler.

SUN 16th Nov '03 we did a funny fundraiser for The South Sydney Herald then that evening a very sort notice a hilarious live to air on the final Crash Hot on 2SER FM.

THE taxi club incident
Our last show for 2003 took place at Sydneys renowned Grosvenor Club aka The Taxi Club ~ a fun evening was had by all despite the unexpected arrival of 16 gloved police with two sniffer dogs! ~ thankfully no one was searched or dragged out though it was a very offensive intrusion. Musically The Rebel Astronauts were awesome, Panel of Judges gave a peak performance, Cannanes did their thing then all enjoyed the dj's till the early hours!

If you object to Sniffer Dogs in Venues or happened to be at the show and were as disgusted as us you might take the time to lodge a complaint with the NSW Council for Civil Liberties Sniffer Dogs Complaint Page The show was also a Re-launch for our Electro 2000 EP ~ Re-release with very snazzy hand printed lino cut sleeve art by Neil Michka ~ extremely limited edition.



For a number of reasons we won't go into right now 2004 was a relatively quiet year for the band; we did however manage some memorable shows in Sydney and Melbourne ... read on...

The Cannanes have recently rated good mentions in this Summers edition of The Rattler ( The magazine of NSW Community Child Care Cooperative ~ with a very fine photo of the band playing to some very cute kiddies) and the June issue of LaTrobe University Librarys' Library Link !
We were also are pleased to see Japanese glossie Pop & Independent Magazine Cookie Scene December '03/ January '04 issue has included not only a large article + tour review but also have put You Name It on the CD compilation that goes with it (which also include The Aluminium Group, Kid 606 + 18 other indie tracks).

In May we played occasional Cannane James Duttons 40th and were stoked to have Phil Moriarty step up to the microphone for an absolutely stunning impromptu solo on one of our newer songs Guilty.

In August we had the pleasure of playing our first of what we hope will be many shows at Brunswicks Vic Hotel ~ great place ~ the band room is like a large kitchen with lounge chairs, tasteful 50's decor and a stage at one end. The new look Flywheel opened with a very mature set featuring the superb harmonies of James and brother Toby, Cannanes followed in "new wave mode" [Fran and Stephen joined by snappy Greg Wadley on drums, kinky Guy Blackman on electric organ and groovin James Dutton on bass] for a largely retro set of Cannanes classics, then we were all treated to a Supersized set by brilliant young Melbourne band New Estate who after exhausting their set list added a good half hour of improvised rock to satiate the crowds thirst for more!Our 7th of July show was a farewell to our wonderful trumpeter Penny McBride who was off for holls in India, many ex Cannanes were on the premises and the evenings sets were well peppered with Cameo performances including Andy Coffey up on stage with us for a raunchy rip through Last Resort.

11th of September we were back at the Vic in Brunswick to celebrate the release of the Melbourne Water compilation. The gala launch was featured Panel of Judges, The Bites, New Estate, On, Breaking The Law, Driving Past, Clinton Green, James Earthenware, Julian Williams, and of course The Cannanes; in "clown mode" [Two Piece with some weird gadgets on stage] the whole evening went surprisingly smoothly and was an excellent chance to check out some leading lights of the Melbourne 'Scene'.

Our Bon sits in with Dazza Hanlon & Mossy ! @ LDO 2005

The last Sunday in September we played The Little Day Out II ~ held at Laurel Tree House Child Care Centre in Sydney, the lineup included Aussie ROCK LEGEND Ian Moss + Aussie INDIE ROCK LEGEND Darren Hanlon. The Cannanes played minus our trumpet virtuoso Penny who was still hangin with her guru in India (and has since returned to us). Highlights of the afternoon included guest guitarist Yannick Caffarel-Slade making his spectacular Rock 'n Roll debut + Darren H and our very own Bon K joining Mossy for the second half of his set!

If you missed it Fran made many cameo appearances in the long running TV documentary series Reality Bites screened on the ABC here in Australia. The four episodes titled Street Practice which aired over September watch out for a rerun some time.

Bad/good news in September - a warehouse in Sydney where irreplaceable Cannanes master tapes were being stored recently leaked during a large storm, tape boxes were found covered in mould with some having made it's way to the tapes. Some tapes have now been baked! to remove moisture, the tapes were placed in the trusted hands of Troy Horse Studios who have had them transfered to digital formats i.e..(the good news?) Possible re-mix albums!

A depressing result in the US election but I guess not our fault. If only it didn't make John Howard so happy. The Aussie dollar continues its climb though. Our idle claim that the Cannanes would go back to the USA when the Aust $ was worth 80c US is looking like a possibility. Oh frabjous day.We were most upset to hear of the death of John Peel on 28th of October. In our opinion the finest DJ to ever present music on air. Not just a champion of English "indie" but an incredibly open minded music lover as anyone who managed to catch some of his "Peelenium" broadcasts would agree. Though he played The Cannanes on numerous occasions, we can now only cry in our beers, never to be able to do a "Peel Session" which was very much on the cards when we toured Europe a while back. If you are not familiar with Johns work we'd suggest you check out his homepage at the BBC.

Maybe it had something to do with putting that clown on the poster ~ that led to a very strange night at The Warren View in Sydney in December 2004 (including an Elvis sighting! ~ read one account below); (read even more about it on Frans' Vanity Page).

tom lookalike
elvis lookalike
flyer 031204
the imposter!
T o m U p s t o n e w r o t e :

H e l l o !

So there I was in the rooftop bar of the Sofitel in Phillip street, having been at a large Advertising lunch trying to persuade the printers I'm with to join me in kicking on to a pub in Newtown to see a gig - a rare free appearance by The Cannanes - a legendary indie Sydney band that have been going for 20 years. I fail, jump in a cab and start heading home. Sod it I think and decide that as the pub is only 10 minutes from home I'll stop off - just for a while at least. I enter the pub, the band's playing and sounding good ( the female lead singer is at least 45 now and looks like a teacher ). As the pub is so small, the bass player is standing in front of the fag machine and I've run out. So I go up to a girl who's smoking and ask to buy a cigarette. She kindly gives me one with a smile. The bloke who's just been talking to her taps me on the shoulder and says' I've got to talk to you, you could be my brother!'. I look at him - wearing a baseball cap, with glasses, slightly smaller and fatter than me ( but with better teeth ). "Do I know you - what's your name?" I ask. 'Reginald Dwight' ( Elton's real name ) he replies. 'Don't give me that, I'm a Watford fan - I know who that is - you're not who I think you are, are you?'. At which he takes off his cap quickly and puts it back on and fuck me sideways it's Elvis Costello. 'Do you want a drink?' he asks -'Just a Red Bull thanks I reply feeling myself sobering up with shock. He returns from the bar and says again how remarkable the similarity between the two of us is and I tell him I get it all the time and now I have a great story to tell them next time someone mentions it. He says he's in town for a couple of days before heading to Japan and is watching the Cannanes because he's heard them on John Peel and is still mourning his death. I tell him how I burst into tears after hearing a 30 minute tribute to Peel on the BBC World Service. He tells me how he's been to his house and to see Liverpool play with him. I tell him I'm making my radio debut the next evening on a Sydney local station playing all my old Punk 45's and that Radio Radio is one of them. We watch the band. The band finishes. I say - 'go on - play a tune' .He says 'I wasn't going to, but will for you' - starts walking towards the band, who are packing up but thinks better of it and backs off. I say to the bass player 'that's Elvis Costello' he replies 'I know! ! !'. Anyway - then he's off. I go outside, walk 2 minutes to the nearest 7-11, buy some fags and phone up the wife. She believes me - I'm still in shock and go back to the bar for a Red Bull with vodka this time. And then he's back at the bar - 'Just had to get rid of those record company people - want to keep drinking with my brother' he says' Meet Mick - he helps me out'. Mick appears to be his minder. 'Reg' as he insists on calling himself asks me about what I do. I tell him about work, the kids etc etc. He tells me his son is now 26 and he doesn't see enough of him. 'Let's go and find some girls' he says as the pub starts to close. So we walk down Enmore road, I tell him I didn't go to his Sydney shows as $120 a ticket was too much. We arrive at the Town Hall pub and me, 'Reg' & Mick are refused entry - 'you've all had to much' says the bouncer. I resist the urge to say 'don't you know who this is?' and take my new friends across the road to the Zanzibar, where they always let you in. 'Reg' goes and shouts the drinks again. Me and Mick sit at a table. 'Reg' goes off talking to girls. I'm now doing my best to persuade Mick to get Elvis along to FBI ( the radio station I'm appearing on ) the next night as a major surprise guest. Mick tells me that Elvis lost a brother whilst growing up. Anyway - 10 minutes later Elvis/Reg/Declan decides it's time for him to go & tells me that I'm a good, passionate, creative person and to go for my dreams. We shake hands and I give him my business card - I walk home on cloud 9 or 10. I wake up hung over and in shock - had this all been real? Thank god for the two phone calls to Amanda to tell of my evening's progress. I do the radio show the next evening, which is loads of fun but no surprise guest! As well as Radio Radio I finish with 'Watching the detectives' - just in case he's listening. It's my birthday on the Monday and I have a day off - as soon as I'm at work on Tuesday I check his website & his next gig is in Tokyo 8/12 - so he was hanging out in Sydney before going to Japan. What a birthday! Tom x
x x . .


We started the year with a trip down to Melbourne in early January for a lovely show with New Estate and The Readies, and a couple of shows in Sydney in February..

12th of March (well it was the 13th by the time we got onstage or should we say in-tent?) we performed at "Woolstock" a sort of indie rockfolk fest held at the beautiful Rosnay organic Farm in Central Western New South Wales. We got to see (and get a note or two out of) the worlds largest playable guitar on route). Once there the camping was perfect, our hosts most warm and plenty of fine foods, organic wines and home grown music enjoyed by all, hopefully we'll be back next year. Big thanks to Andrew Wooldridge for organizing it. If your in the market for some top notch organic produce, check out their website for your nearest outlet, you may be surprised how close it is!
large guitar

Tis big! ~ SO'N with the Worlds' largest playable guitar !
Narrandera New South Wales ~ March 2005

Big thanks to Houseboy of music website for his touching tribute piece on the Cannanes pblished 14th Apr, 2005 (focusing on the Love Affair album in particular which he describes as "my Never Mind The Bollocks, That's Alright Mama, I Wanna Hold Your Hand and Nevermind!" read it now Recording wise 2005 was quite busy, new recording projects were begun.... including... work on the Grassy Flat 3" CDEP. Anyway to prove we haven't been idle of late we offer you a peek into Remembrance of Things Past, the Proust, "Rock Opera" Fran has been collaborating on with Matt Gallaway of New York band Saturnine listen and buy it at jumping ahead in 2011 an accompanying video was shot in New York and can now be viewed at On Sunday 12th June 2005 we had the pleasure of performing live down the phone to Providence RI on 'Phoning it in' hosted by Nadav Carmel ~ we performed live in our kitchen in BENDIGO and the show streamed live from Rhode Island USA on BSR88.1FM ~ the show was archived and didn't sound too bad! you can check it out @ Phoning it in while you're there make sure you have a listen to other recent phone ins by Daniel Johnston, David Kilgour, Jad Fair, Little Wings, Corndawg and a host of other indie luminaries ~ some great stuff there!

Mid July 2005 we were up/down in Melbourne for a couple of shows + 3 days recording at the very cool Simon Grounds' Sub Zero Studios. Highlights of the week included Super Computers debut performance [featuring our old mates and traveling companion Scott Brewer & Scott Stevens ex-of The Earthmen] and The Boy Moritz Dancers at the Town Hall Hotel, playing The Empress with Man Bites God (celebrating 5 years in the business) and the very entertaining (and musical) Fred Astereo, & partying on with Francesca and her crew back in Coburg.

The Oxfam show in August raised over $1000 which is pretty good for a Sunday night at the Hopetoun. Thanks to All.

poster 280805
poster 081005

AWSOME..... [Show reviEw by g RoY]
Plug Uglies played.  Man, they blew the roof off!  They played all the favourites which I couldn't remember because if you remember the eighties you weren't there and I was there.  I can't remember the seventies either except for the episode of The Brady Bunch where Marcia gets her nose broken just before the big party.  That was cool.  I guess I mustn't have been stoned that day.  Yeah, I think that was the day Mum confiscated my bong but after the Brady Bunch I made one out of a plastic fruit juice bottle and got stoned again. If I wasn't a cool rock star and hadn't spent the time Plug Uglies were playing in my dressing room having cocaine blown up my arse by my roadie, Bum Crack Guy, then I might have something to say about the 2005 Plug Uglies. But I don't, so - whatever.After the show we went to an exclusive club called Alice's House and drank Annabel's wine which was kinda cool.  Razz Matazz played a couple of songs which was mellow and groovy.  You know, some people get drunk and they kinda bellow which is uncool cause I'm a musician and my ears are my instrument.  You wouldn't bellow at a chisel or a scalpel and you shouldn't bellow at a musician's ear either. Uncool. Next day we went home if we were cool or to Canberra if we weren't.
Good times.
G Roy
Stop Press: Bum Crack Guy has been sent off to roadie re education camp for failing to plug in G Roys bass.

Our film clip for the You Name It from the Trouble seemed so far away CD we did a little while back with Explosion Robinson was released 26th November on a compilation DVD put out by Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records. The DVD also features such indie luminaries as Huon, New Estate, Boyracer, The Clientele, The Bright Lights, Architecture in Helsinki and Of Montreal.The DVD was screened at indie pop events throughout the U.S. you can order a copies from HHBTMR thanks to Jayme Guokas for putting it out, and Neil Thomas & Mollie for making the clip in the first place!

November we returned to Laurel Tree House Childrens Centre in Glebe to play the fundraiser Little Day Out III, with Ian Moss, Crazy Horse Invincible, The Hoo Haas & a Greek Dance Troupe! - will try and get some photos up her one day...



Imagine yourself happily riding your bike to work, seeing a puddle of what seems like water in front of you, hitting it and realizing it's oil, then completely loosing control and ending up in hospital with TWO broken wrists! This was G Roys fate the morning before our November 2005 Melbourne show. The good news is he sustained no other injuries and next day was up and about and keen to enjoy the good weather ~ as the band had a show booked the following night and as all showfolk know "the show must go on" James stepped across to bass duties, also Miranda P-W of RazzMatazz fame joined us on guitar for a couple of searing rock numbers. The event was the Tugboat album launch (BIG thanks to the Tug crew for helping us through what could have been a difficult night), and a good time was had by all! (though our thoughts were with G Roy who sensibly stayed home). The following week week, Bon fell of his bike! (to avoid hitting a pram), ending up with a sore back, bruising, grazing and a few stitches. Two weeks later Stephen had a run in with some scary stairs which resulted in a broken arm! All have now recovered and looking foreward to more shows.

Now you might like to go back to History Part Seven "enter the noughties" or move on to History Part Nine and explore our 2nd Japanese tour in a more hi-tech web-page!

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