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1984 Life on "let's kiss" cassette Released by K Records / Olympia USA
Thanks to Calvin for facilitating our 1st release outside of Australia!
1986 Especially at Christmas on "The Soft Volcano Erupts" flexidisc Released by Broken Flag & Distant Violins / London England (also on Distant Violins 3rd cassette release)
Our 1st U.K. release!
We Have Got To Get Together on "Let's Sea" cassette Released by K Records / Olympia USA
1987 Revenge (unmixed) on "Darling Pet Monkey" cassette Released by Distant Violins / Newtown Australia  
1987 Corn Chips + Midnight A Go Go on "Display Ideas for Supermarkets" cassette Released by Toytown / Melbourne Australia  
1988 Robert on "Pluralism" cassette Released by Bi-joopiter / London UK
1989 Sound of the CIty and interview on "Fingernails" cassette Released by Toytown / St Kilda Australia  
1989 Felicia on "Diamonds and Porcupines : International Guitar Underground" LP Released by Beat All The Tambourines / Altena West-Germany
Contributors included: Beat Happening, The Bats, The McTells, and the Wedding Present ( I't Not Unusual - 1st made famous by the young Tom Jones)
1989 No visitors on "Voices From the Cellar" cassette Released by [the original !] Blunt magazine / Sydney Australia
Bunch of interesting acts on this comp including Sydney based luminaries: Even As We Speak, Living With Robert and the most memorable Distant Locust
1990 Queens Hotel (instrumental) on ""Perhaps Meteors..,"suggested Willoughby" cassette Released by Your Standing On My Hula Hoop Productions / Leongatha Australia  
1991 Go & Tell Your Father on "12-solid gold inner-city *hits!!*" LP Released by Blunt / Marrickville Australia  
1992 Tribute on "Fortune Cookie Prize" LP & CD Released by Simple Machines / Arlington USA  
1992 Chia Pet on "Throw" LP, CD and cassette Released by Yoyo recordings / Olympia USA
1993 (Suburban Mystery) White Rabbit on "Empire State" cassette Released by Toytown / St Kilda Australia  
1993 Miss You A Lot on "The Woozy Couch Finder Tape" Released by Woozy magazine / Melbourne Uni. Australia  
1993 No one on "The International Hip Swing" CD Released by K Records / Olympia USA
1993 Passionfruit on "The Big Backyard presents" CD & cassette Released by The Big Backyard / Sydney Australia  
1994 Mosquito on "Asparagus Milkshake" cassette Released by Salty and Delicious -Chapter Music / Northbridge & Fortitude Valley Australia


Cassette came with Issue 4 of Salty And Delicious fanzine - Rereleased in the noughties on CDr and later again as digital
1995 You'll Be Back on "A Kinda Sydney Compilation" CD Released by P76 records / Sydney Australia  
1996 Land of the long weekend on "The Family Album: a compilation" CD Released by Shy Boy Records / Columbia USA  
1996 Arabian Nights on "Exhibit A" cassette Released by Circumstantial evidence / Sydney - Melbourne Australia  
1997 Fantastic Fantasy on "Exhibit B" cassette Released by Circumstantial evidence / Melbourne Australia  
1997 Ice Blue Drink + History "Hey Dan K" cassette (never seen a copy of this so if anyone can send us one that would be great) Released by Ajax Records / Chicago USA  
1997 Ceasar on "Pop Biz" CD Released by Pop Biz / Japan  
1997 Six White Boomers on "It's A Blackbean and Placenta Christmas" LP Released by Blackbean & Placenta / LA USA
1998 Creation & Juliet's song on "Woozy #20" CD Released by Woozy / Melbourne Australia  
1998 Pacific Gulls on "Overboard" CD Released by Yoyo Recordings / Olympia USA  
1998 I Think I Was Spoilt As A Child on "static modulation #1" CD Released by static modulation / concord west australia  
1999 What if everything was nice on "Retrovirus - A Compilation" cassette [in lovely knitted sleeve!] Released by Inner Psyche Productions (aka Crayola) / Cornwall uk
2000 Population ~ two on "[555 Records / Chapter Music] sampler" CD Released by [Australian tour promo / Melbourne Australia]  
2000 A Challenge on "Badaboom Gramaphone #4" CD [with zine] Released by Badaboom Gramaphone / Leonia USA  
2000 Population ~ two & Committment (1999 remixes) on "INDIE AID ABROAD: A LITTLE HELP FOR EAST TIMOR" CD Released by DRIVE-IN RECORDS & LIBRARY RECORDS / Grand Rapids USA & Brunswick Australia
2000 Miserable on "Starring Nao" cassette & CD Released by Rover Records / Saitama-Ken Japan
2000 You name it on "US: Various Artists - Up Records & Slabco-US" CD Released by Up Records & Team Slabco / Seattle & LA USA  
2000 Popstars on "Popfrenzy" CD EP Released by Popfrenzy / Sydney Australia  
2000 Hey Leopard (less is more mix) on "Horselaugh on my ex" (ie. Steward album) CD Released by 555 Recordings / Leeds UK  
2000 Six White Boomers on "Christmas With Mobstar" CDR Released by Mobstar records / Bristol UK
Digital re-issue on 25 November 2012 by Mobstar on their BandCamp
2001 Phobos on "Red Square: The Way Things Change: Volume 3 " 7" EP Released by Red Square / Philadelphia USA
2001 The dissenters have risen on "sweet sweet casio" CD Released by north of january & blackbean and placenta presentation / Burlington & Frazier Park USA
With Steward?
2001 Vivienne on "yoyo a gogo 1999" CD Released by Yoyo Recordings / Olympia USA
2001 Der Fuhrender Sydney Rechtsanwalf on "Woosh!" CD Released by Little Teddy Records / Munich Germany
2001 treasure the light on "20th October 2001 Roden Crater, Arizona" (aka Jen + Stew 4 eva) also [i.d.t.i.n.d.t.] LP Picture disc Released by 555 Recordings of Philadelphia & Red Square Recordings / both Philadelphia USA  
2001 You name it on "blunt / who cares wins" CD ltd edition with first 500 copies of Bob Blunts book "Blunt : a biased history of Australian rock" Released by prowling tiger press / Northcote Australia
2002 Astra on "all's fair in love and chickfactor: cf mixtape1" CD (Rel. August '02) Released by enchanté / NY USA
We were surprised to find - and still a little perplexed as to why our track apeared twice on this disc!!
2002 Tennyson on "Double figures" CD (Rel. September '02) Released by Chapter records / Melbourne Australia
2002 Dibble on "WE are NOT alone - vol. 7: songs for the lo-fi generation" cassette (Rel. Dec '02) Released by Best Kept Secret / Vicenza Italy  
2003 No Worries on "555CD55" CD (Rel. February '03) [ 55 tracks by 55 bands ~ First 1000 copies came wth a bonus disc with 19 bonus tracks ] Released by 555 Recordings of Flagstaff / Arizona USA
2003 Mirage on "december is not so far away" DIYCD (Rel. December '03) Released by thinksmall / nederlands  
2003 You name it on "Cookie Scene" CD (Rel. December '03 / January '04 Issue) Released by Cookie Scene Magazine / Japan  
2003 L-O-V-E (Love) on "Smashy Smashy! " CDr w/ 10 page booklet (Rel. sometime in '03) Released by 555 Recordings & Red Square Recordings / Flagstaff? USA
Our cover of the Al Green classic ~ possibly our best cover!
2004 Optimistic freakout on "Melbourne Water vol.1" CD (Rel. August '04) Released by W.Minc Productions / Melbourne Australia
Curated by David Nichols and Greg Wadley ~ Melbourne Water includes 24 tracks by Melbourne based bands (Cannanes loosely fall into this category, well Fran was born there!)
2006 Don't fear the reaper on "33 1/3" CD (Rel. March '06) Released by Jacana records / Melbourne Australia
2008 America on "your cassette pet " cassette (Rel. May '08) Released by 555 / Flagstaff USA
2008 Don't fear the reaper (remix) on "cannanes/mytty archer/boyracer " 7" EP (Rel. May '08) Jointly Released by 555 flagstaff az /555 / Flagstaff USA & jelly fant records/ Oberhausen Germany
Our first recording with our 100+ year old pump organ
2009 Frightening Thing on "Citrus (5) - Pits Are The Pits (25 GOLD=RARE=DEBRIS 1992-2000)" CD (Rel. 21 January '09) Released by Felicity / Tokyo? Japan
Fantastic and essential compilation of the 4 eps released by Tokyo indie pop punks Citrus + a swag of rarities and live recordings + for some strange reason they've put the old Cannanes classic Frightening Thing (lovingly re-mastered from the vinyl) slap bang in the middle of the disc! out now on the Felicity label of Japan
2009 All The Things You Say + Ode To The Town Hall (Hotel) in "Caution Horse" Magazine of short stories + CD (Rel. September '09) Released by Caution Horse / Baltimore USA
book cover
Caution Horse. A magazine of short fiction from around the world which also comes with a great compilation CD containing some truly beautiful indie pop gems as well two recently recorded and previously unreleased Cannanes songs! ~ THIS WAS THE BLURB At long last, Caution Horse is finally here. Included in the magazine are stories by Tom Carson, Jiri Kajane, Stephen Dixon, Marcia Golub, Lauren Grodstein, Matthew Olshan, and Geoff Leonard. Also included is a music compilation featuring the following artists: Snowbirds, Minisnap, The Cannanes, Strawberry Story, My Dad Is Dead, The Art Department, Les Poissons Solubles, Bell and Cooper, and Lampduck. Each CD-R features handmade disc and sleeve design/artwork. No two copies are the same!If you are interested in ordering a copy, please send a check for US $7.99 plus shipping and handling (free shipping within Maryland) to: Erik Oster 1317 Appleby Ave. Baltimore, MD 21209, U.S.A.
2009 Mosquito on "Asparagus Milkshake" CDr (Rel. October '09) Released by Chapter Music / Clifton Hill? Australia
Rerelease of the 1994 cassette [see above]
2010 America in "The Lifted Brow Issue 6 " Literary/Art Magazine with double CD (Rel. February '10) Released by The Lifted Brow / Melbourne Australia
Quickly Sold Out! (2 printings/pressings!) The Lifted Brow is a hefty biannual journal containing, writings, drawings, manga and poetry + with this issue a 2 CD set of music! ~ list of contributors is way to long to mention here so go to the link if you're curious + if you are really fast you might just find a copy left in the bookshop of the National Gallery of Victoria
2010 Truth B2031A on "Golden Age " 7" maxi ep/mini album! 33+45rpm (Rel. July '10) Jointly released by: 555 / USA & Jellyfant / Germany & Knock-Yr-Socks-Off Records / Australia*
Limited 7" maxi ep/mini album (45rpm+33rpm!) was a joint release by 555 Records of Flagstaff U.S. / Knock-Yr-Socks-Off Records of Australia / Jellyfant Records of Germany a classy slab of vinyl wrapped in top notch cover art by David Nichols that contains 5 diverse and catchy tunes by five acts, Summer Cats, Cheap Red, Soft Paws, Tricia Yates Fanclub, and of course The Cannanes. You can order now from the label in your closest continent! free badges as well if you get in fast!
2010 Foundering on "Indietracks 2010" double CD* (Rel. July '10) by MakeAndMendRecords / London UK*
cd sleeve art by Emma Hall
Released in July 2010 on Make Do And Mend Records of Brighton U.K. this massive 2CD 44 track comp contains The Cannanes song Foundering, as well as songs from most of the acts that played this years wonderful festival; there are way too many bands to list them here but you can check out the tracklisting (with links to all the bands websites) and order direct from the MakeDoAndMend
2011 Absence on "Resume Volume 1 ~ 3 (A compilation Album to Support the Victims of the Japan Earthquake)" MP3 Triple Album (Rel. April '11) Released by 7e.p. / Japan*
Title: 'Resume' - A Compilation Album to Support the Victims of the Japan Earthquake

In the wake of the horrendous earthquake and resulting tsunami that recently struck eastern Japan, the music downloading site OTOTOY decided to take quick action in supporting the victims by releasing a benefit album titled 'Play for Japan', which includes two 7e.p. bands - moools and yumbo.

'Play for Japan' encouraged 7e.p. to think about how we, a label that mainly licenses music from overseas, might also be able to contribute. With the hope of creating an iTunes-based benefit album, we called out to the overseas artists that we have had the pleasure of working with. The response was immediate and overwhelming.

We are excited to announce the release of a 3-volume benefit compilation album titled 'Resume'. It includes 45 tracks, most of them previously unreleased, from 43 artists hailing from America, Canada, Australia, the U.K., the Netherlands and even Japan.

The title, 'Resume', which implies recovering and persevering, was the idea of 'Sweet Dreams' publisher Norio Fukuda. The cover artwork was provided by renowned Olympia, WA. artist Nikki McClure. Moreover, Masaki Tada, who has worked on albums by moools and many other 7e.p. albums, offered his mastering expertise.

In particular, we would like express our utmost appreciation to all of the participating artists, who took time out of their busy schedules to make this happen.

The entire proceeds from this compilation will be used to support the disaster victims. Though we don't expect to raise a giant fortune, every yen will help make someone's life better. At the conclusion of this project, 7e.p. will announce how much money was raised and where it is going.

Finally, we would like to offer our deepest condolences to the earthquake and tsunami victims as well as their families. We pray for your quick recovery.

Koji Saito & Mitsuhiro Ariizumi

Our warmest thoughts went out to our friends living through the terrible devastation of the Great East Japan Earthquake in March of 2011; we were asked and thankfully able to contribute a new Cannanes recording 'Absence' to the mp3 triple album: 'Resume' - A Compilation Album to Support the Victims of the Japan Earthquake ~ out now and only available till August 2011~ to purchase any or all tracks ~ link here:
2012 L-O-V-E (Love) on "the indefatigable stewart anderson: a retrospective compilation for tullulah" CD (Rel March '12) Released by Milk & Alcohol / Flagstaff USA
2012 You Name It on "Emu Parade" CD +Digital Album (Rel. June '12 available until 30th May '13) Released by Why Don't You Believe Me? / Melbourne Australia
40 songs lovingly collated by David Nichols ~ profits from the release go to Autism Awareness Australia ~ check out the details at the Why Don't You Believe Me? bandcamp
2015 Grotto Capri on "Nail house party" 12" +CD +Digital Album (Rel. 26th March '15) Released by Emotional Response Records / Flagstaff USA
20 songs comp of international indie folk, pop & punk - with handsome sleeve art by our own David Nichols & layout by our mate Crayola
2017 Lamington Lane on "I Won't Have To Think About You" 12"LP (Rel. Oct '17) / Released by A Colourful Storm / Berlin, Germany & Melbourne Australia
Compilation put together by Moopie & Bayu with Lovely cover art. Our contribution was nicely remastered by Joseph Carra` and vinyl mastering was carried out by Mikey Young!



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